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Hey, I'm Rachel!

Welcome! I live in Richmond, Virginia with my 3 cats and my boyfriend, and I just really love food.


I've been an adventurous eater all my life, and I've been cooking for myself since I moved away from home and went to college at 17. Since then, and especially since my cooking has become a little more aesthetically pleasing, I've been documenting the foods I've created and enjoyed to share and come back to later.


Along with being an avid home cook, I'm a product designer by trade: I create and design all kinds of digital interfaces to make lives easier and more enjoyable. Design is a field I've only recently delved into, but I've loved every second of it since the beginning and it's something I'm truly passionate about.


Creating Sear & Simmer began as a hobby and passion project about 2 years ago; I was, and still am, on a mission to redefine the cooking website. I want people to easily find the foods they like, prepare their own foods at home, and enjoy every part of the journey from scrolling through the website to searing on the stove. 


Now, after learning so much not only about design but about cooking too, Sear & Simmer exists as not only my passion project but something I'm so proud to say jump-started my career.


Every photo you see on Sear & Simmer and every word you read is my own, and I'm excited to share all of what I love about food and cooking in a fun, accessible way.


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